Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Community economic development

To start your own business it used be a problem. Now in South Africa there are number of business opportunities that are available to previously disadvantaged communities. Now they can own businesses as a community or individually. Local Economic Development (LED) is one of the government programmes that motivate local communities to become business entrepreneurs. For instance in Soweto there is a development of cultural tourism. Cultural tourism is a form of tourism that attracts foreign and local visitors to visit Soweto so that they can learn about its history and culture.

This is very interesting, because local people now own small business, such as guest houses, shebeens, restaurants and other small business. As a result people who were previously unemployed are now employed in this business. This also shows how local people can use their own available assets, such as their homes and labour to develop themselves. Like Marius Venter was saying that sometimes you do not need money to open up a business. All you need is a good calculated plan and motivation. Previously disadvantaged communities are now responsible for their own development. This should be a lesson to other African countries that they can use their own available assets to develop themselves.

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