Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Nedlac and development issues

Since we are all social science students, I imagine that the development issue is part of our career aspirations. The presentations on NEPAD, Nedlac and other presenations that had something to do with developmet raised our interests.

NEPAD and Nedlac I think are good concepts, because they are part of developing a successful South Africa. I think that it is taking time though for the South African community to see the desired results. On the side of nedlac it might be difficult for us to see the results because, the organisation does not deal entirely with development. Nedlac deals with proposed laws and so on. However on the side of NEPAD we already see the results, and so far they are not as good as we innitially thought they would. Why I say this is because, for one thing only those who rich and can afford to trade with other African countries are the only ones who actually see the benefits of it, meanwhile those who are poor are actually getting more poor and some of them have no idea what NEPAD is about. One colleague even said that he feels as though NEPAD is only for the rich Africans, and he does not feel as he is part of of it.

As for the peer review mechanism, I don't think it will work on the long run, because for example if you take the issue of Zimbabwe and president's Thabo Mbeki's quiet diplomacy tactic, you actually see that it is just a waste of time and nothing will come of it. Some of our African leaders are scared of the challenge of reprimanding each other when comes the need to do so.

As postgraduates who aspire to introduce change to the injustices of this world I think that these organizations would do well to take us on as interns. Maybe on us will introduce an idea that will successfully speed up the pace of development in South Africa if given the chance to do it.

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