Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Development with DBSA

I got so excited today when the Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA) www.dbsa.org came to present their internship opportunities in their company. In the beginning of the presentation I thought Jean must have made a mistake because there are no B Com students in the training programme. Then the speakers told us that there are actually many opportunities for social science students in their programme that are dealing with research, project management and so on.

What I like about the bank is that it deals with development issues, for example poverty alleviation and unemployment, especially amongst graduates. I am interested in community development and I would like to do an internship with DBSA. I also have a background in research, because I helped with research in the department of Forced Migrations studies at Wits. What is more exciting is that the speaker told us that there are employment opportunities after the completion of the internship, depending on the performance of the individual and commitment. As post-graduate students I think that we are capable of introducing new project that are linked to development that is why we are suitable to work at DBSA.

It is refreshing to know that financial institutions are interested in social science students and see them as valuable in their companies. I am also glad that we are finally being given a chance to offer our expertise in financial institutions, because the speaker spoke of other banks (Land bank and so on) that also employ social science students. So we are employable after all.

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