Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Globalisation and development

About ten years ago, third world and developing countries did not want accept globilasation. They wanted to reject it because they felt that the Super powers wanted to further their dominance and influence on third world and developing countries and opress them further economically andpolitically. Few years later, developing and third world countries realised that in order for their economies and politics to improve they had to join the game and catch up very quickly in order for them to survive the changing world.

I think that I can link globalisation to development because of the constant change of technology, for instance only few people post their letters by the post office and jobs are also applied through the internet. These days people use emails and so on to communicate with world, therefore one of significant changes is that peolpe must be copmuter literate in order for them to survive the changing world. Most of us were touched and motivated by Ghadijha Vallie to be invloved in cour communities on order to help them develop and catch up with rest of the continent. In my community I know that a lot of people are still not computer literate yet there are a lot of internet cafes. I realized that even though a lot of people in townships are now becoming computer literate, there is still the older generation who were not fortunate to be taught computers and therefore they are not going to fit in this evolved world.

I can safely say that I have discovered an area that needs to be develpoed in my community, and I will make a change, even though it is going to be difficult for me since I do not have a computer myself, but I am going to take one step at a time and see what I can change or help to develop in my community.

Hi Yoliswa, That's a great idea. Please do make it happen. Be clear on your intention and ask for help if you need it. If you want to share your idea with people in the Pioneers of Change community, let us know. Mille (Pioneers of Change)
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