Tuesday, April 25, 2006


WOW bearing fruits

Hello every body nothing much has happened this week, but I have learned that some of our colleagues have secured internships with different organizations and I just want to say to them congratulations. It just shows that the WOW programme is quick and effective, because within a week after the completion of the programme about four people have been placed for internships and they are working already.

After hearing such good news, I gained so much confidence in myself and believe that very soon it will be me and other who have not been placed yet. I hope that by the end of the year almost every one of the WOW trainees will have been placed and some of us employed permanently by their host organizations.

I hope you as the WOW trainees will share your good news with us so that we know what is going on in your lives also so that we can share tips on ho is hiring and so forth. I have so heard that five WOW trainees have been placed one of them of course being Rochelle. I wish all of them the best and I hope that they will do us proud.

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