Monday, May 29, 2006


Internship at AICC

I got accepted at AICC I officially started working today (29 May 2006). When I first arrived I was a little bit anxious in case I could not cope with the work load but as hours went by I relaxed. Every thing at the moment is exciting because I am involved in this project called South African Citizenship Programme. I think this is linked to the development theme that the WOW trainees are blogging about.

The project is about building partnerships between NGOs, government and business in order to create sustainable development for poor countries to alleviate poverty and create employment in order to empower SADC countries. The project is aimed at Southern African countries, I am excited to be working or assisting around this project since I have knowledge in this subject matter as I have done Corporate Governance at Honours level. On the first day the work that I had to do was already mapped out for me to last at least two weeks. So when I arrive early at the office atleast now I have work waiting for me.

AICC is about promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), I thought that this would be interesting for the WOW trainees since this is linked to our theme. One WOW trainee blogged about good governance being a luxury, this made me realise that AICC is one of the exciting NGO’s since it promotes good governance and corporate social responsibility amongst other things. Because of NGO’s like AICC good governance in the near future won’t be a luxury but a necessity, because of the clear policies that they have for promoting CSR and Corporate Social Investment (CSI).

Hi Yo

Congratulations girl! Thats great news! And what a great organisation to work for. I don't know if you would remember but I had the opportunity to work there for 2 weeks before our WOW training. It was a great experience and a great group to work with. The environment is very friendly and busy so don't worry about getting bored.

I'm glad you like the work you are doing because it is also an area that I'm very interested in. Have fun and keep us updated.

Thank you Celetse, I am sorry I took so long to respond to your comment.

Hopefully I will learn so many things at AICC.
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