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Obstacles to development

We have been tackling the issues of development, which is a good thing especially if it involves the different communities that we are staying in. However there are people who seem to be working against development by being dishonest especially when it comes to the issues of money. I have been trying to get my drivers license and I thought that I should try the local driving school, and I was conned out of my hard earned money.

By registering with the local driving school I thought I would surely be contributing to the development of my community by helping Small Micro Medium Enterprises (SMME’s) to grow and be prosperous businesses, however the person who is in charge of the driving school spoiled it for everybody and took of with my money. I hate people who just think about filling their pockets and rob desperate people like me. The reason I registered with this driving school in the first place is that, I like supporting local businesses so that in the near future these businesses can also help contribute to our local communities, by employing local people, but after what I experienced I have serious doubts. I just do not think that they are capable of doing something so honourable.

At this moment I don’t know if I should go lay a charge of fraud or not, because the person who ran the driving school was the administrator and also the driving instructor. What upsets me is that I did not ask for a receipt, therefore I do not have proof of payment. I don’t think I’ll ever use the services that are available in my community and this is all because of one bad experience. I know it is wrong to paint every body with the same brush, but after going through this experience it is difficult to trust businesses that are still trying to establish themselves since they are not reputable yet.

Since I can’t even lay charges against this person, the only thing to do is to make sure that he does not do it to someone else again. Therefore I want to tarnish his reputation by taking my story to the local newspaper so that they know what kind of a person he is. What does every body think?

Hi Yoliswa

I'm really angry about this. And I'm so sorry about your money. Having a drivers licence is a major PLUS when it comes to securing employment, so this was important.

Please don't give up (on the licence at least). You've already learned how important it is to get a receipt. But also don't give up on SMME's and your support of them. Don't let one bad experience influence your consumer power.

YES, I think you should write that letter. But my advice would be to make it constructive: maybe your heading for the letter to the editor should be something like "Get that receipt!" If you educate consumers, you empower all of us and you force businesses to be ethical.

Hi Yoliswa

I would have felt the exact same anger and disappointment as you did. I'm so sorry you had to experience that. It is sad to know that there are still people out there who do things like this.

I agree with Lesley that you should write a letter to the local papers in order for people to learn from your experience. And like you said you know there are still honest SMME's out there. Your experience might help you pin-point which ones are of top quality, so don't be hesitant to approach them in the future.

Hope you well my friend
Hi Yoliswa,
Like Lesley and Celeste I am also very sad for what happened to you. Hope their advices help you and whoever comes across a similar case.

One more advice, the road to better live within our communities is not an easy one. Just like a driver in a car, he does not give up because he comes across traffic jams, robots, bad drivers, and etc. All that is part of the driver’s trip. Same applies to us, we gonna meet traffic jams like anti-development behavior, we gonna meet robots as government regulations, bad drivers as obstacles to development…none of these reasons should bring us down.

Wish you the best!
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