Friday, June 09, 2006


Women emancipation

Some could argue that the status of women is still not well presented in the workplace spectrum and other spheres of life in most African countries. It is also evident that the problem that women face today differs from the problems that they faced in the yester years.The problems that South African women faced then in the1950s can be described as “trivial” matters in today’s times because then they had problems such as housing, food prices, and permits. In this era South African women are faced with a wide range of issues such as poverty, domestic violence, child abuse, HIV/AIDS, unemployment gender discrimination, etc.

It is when facing such situations that women stand up for themselves within the community to take up these challenges. South African history notices that women from all backgrounds have been the building block for transformation. Women in the township especially have been very active in fighting some of the problems they face. Through the movements that they form such as “stockvels”, women have really been a source of courage for the various communities. In most HIV/AIDS programs you find women from all spheres of life-rich to poor, coming together to fight AIDS. Foreign countries have lauded South African women for this.

Just to kill the old adage,” a women’s place is in the kitchen”, women have really taken steps to show that “their place is everywhere”. We now see them taking centre stage in careers that were believed to be for male-only. South Africa has a good presentation of women in their government cabinet. In addition, through programmes such as “take a girl to work,” girls are given an opportunity to explore different careers and to really experience for a day how it feels to work in various jobs. This is very encouraging because these girls will be focused in achieving their career goals beyond high school qualifications.

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