Wednesday, July 05, 2006


AICC workshop

Last week I went to an exciting workshop, which was hosted by the AICC in partnership with Ernst & Young and first National bank. The workshop was on the value of sustainability reporting. It was very interesting and I learned a lot about reporting. Before this workshop I did not think much about reports, because I thought all reports were about financial matters.

The workshop was about encouraging companies to report on sustainable development and not only financial matters. It was encouraging to see that companies were very interested in this trend even though some of them were a bit sceptical. Issues that were raised were that sustainable reporting and how it increases accountability and forces companies to act responsibly regarding environmental matters and socio-economic issues. I am sure that after that session a lot of companies were able to distinguish the difference between public relations and true reporting. My boss asked me to write a report about the workshop, and I am still waiting for the feedback.

The workshop was an eye opener for me, as I have started taking reports that we have in our office so that I can read them at home. I must say I found interesting things in some of the reports, one company in their report disclosed about the retrenchment of their staff. . I thought to myself they are very brave, but the fact is that they were disclosing something which was true. This is one of the issues that the lady from Anglo was trying to make companies be aware off, to disclose everything in reports, no matter how bad it is.

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