Sunday, March 26, 2006


Two more reasons for this 2006 teamblog

Roy gave us 9 reasons for the existence of this blog and I do share his views.

I also think that this blog exists for whoever believes in teamwork. I like a comment Celeste wrote in her blog about teamwork. Actually she refutes Roy conception of teamwork I side along with Celeste and I urge the 2006 team to take up the challenge by demonstrating that teamwork is achievable, even if that works according to the Pareto principle.

Nonetheless, I am not over ambitious and I share Roy’s realism that 20% ends up doing the all job. Which side do you want to be?

Maina said something quite true in one of his blog posts ‘for teamwork to be effective, individuals have to perform to their best.’ Let’s show how high our TQ is. Let’s do something for this blog guys.

The second reason comes from what Lesley wrote, referring to the HRSC study on job hunting among graduates. The workplace already makes it difficult for us to get jobs and we rank the last. If this team can properly use the blog tool, I think we are going to make a difference and show that we are different.


I also believe that we can make it as a team. I must say some of us are still struggling when it comes to creativity, but when there is a team blogging we will be forced to be more creative.
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