Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Well done to Celeste on creating this team blog

Hiya Guys...

Just a quick congratulations to Celeste on setting up this team blog.

Now we've got to work out the technical details. I'm a little bit baffled as to why it's only showing Celeste's profile. Maybe it's a matter of selecting one of the other blog templates?

I'm on a team blog called TECHNOLOGY CIRCLE which automatically lists all of the team members under the profiles list.

Slowly slowly we'll sort this one out.

Blue skies

[update: 25 March 2006] The mystery about listing team members evaporated as soon as I made my first post... this one, in fact. It would seem that as soon as a second person makes a post in a Blogger team blog, the list of team members is created. Sorted!

Roy and Celeste, I think it was a great idea to create a blog for the whole team. Thanks guys
Congratulations Celeste for taking up this task.
We have been all busy with our own blogs when you decided to make this work.

Thank you Roy for this brilliant idea. Hope We going to keep it for the 18 months!!!

Please tell me Roy if this is going to work for 18 months, what is going to happen next year when new interns will start the 2007 programme?I may sound silly if technically that is feasible to make it work for both years, but i am worried about us interfering in the interaction of 2007 team.
Sorry Roy, I see that your link to the technology circle does not have the,
How do i make such
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