Saturday, March 25, 2006


Why does this blog exist?

Here are the reasons I can think of for having this blog. I'm sure you can think of some to add.

1. Make your learnings open to the world. In other words, share.

2. Keep your group together in cyberspace, so that you may continue to network together, into the future. It's VERY easy to say, 'let's do coffee'. But when you're in the working world, time runs out, and you end up seeing your buddies once a year.

3. Focussing you on professionalism. When each of you posts to this blog, you'll be accutely aware of the standard of posts by your colleagues. My guess is that one of two things will happen: either all of the posts will sink into being absolutely awful, and the blog will stop, quickly; or you guys will call an emergency meeting, get angry with each other, and vow to create a professional product. The people who come through that process will be great bloggers, and will make a superb blog. Some of you will drop out of the blog, cos it's just too much work.

4. Giving employers something to think about. If you show a brilliant team blog, employers can read between the lines as to how individuals on the team blog might fit into their organisations. It'll also warn them off people who won't fit.

5. Making it easier for your guys to motivate each other to greatness. Each of your individual blogs will benefit from this process.

6. Giving Lesley a single, united front to show off on her WoW website. Hopefully, you'll use this space to make her proud.

7. For you to learn a little bit about how the world of work ACTUALLY works. The Parieto Principle almost always holds in the real world. It's also known as the 80/20 Principle. It works across allll sorts of things. In short, it can be stated as 80% of the success of a group comes from the efforts of 20% of the members. Or, 80% of the profits of a company come from 20% of its clients. And so on. In this case, you guys are going to come face to face with some ugly truths about each other, about teamwork, about motivation, about how tough things are, about projects, about project planning. Hopefully, you'll also get to see some amazing things about those topics!

8. One day, several of you are going to go into business together, either as partners, or as collaborators. Doing this blog together will let you know who you want to work with in the future.

9. The team blog (and your individual blogs) are very potent job interviews that are continuously happening. If you think of the blog as a microscope into your world that anyone can look at anytime they want, then you're on the money. This is an extravagant career-creation tool. If you use it properly.

What I'd love from you guys is to jump into this as a debate, either in the comments section, or in separate blog entries.

One of the reasons I suggested you guys take an 18-month commitment on this is that I want you to get a sense of what a long project feels like.

Also, when you burst into the world of work, you guys ARE going to need to support each other, and this blog is a support system of sorts.

You WILL face challenges out in the jungle that is the working world. You'll come up against bosses who are complete idiots. You'll meet people who bludgeon you down.

Talk about these things in your team and personal blogs. Share info to help each other succeed.

Blue skies
Hi Roy,
I think there is an ā€˜iā€™ that got in Pareto mistakenly,
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