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How to put your resume online on your blog

Hi Guys...

This is one way of putting a decent cv online. Take a look at John T. Unger's blog for an example of how he's done it.

  1. Log onto your Blogger account, and click on 'make a new post' in your own blog.

  2. If you've got your CV formatted in MS Word, cut and paste it into your blog post. If not, simply type it in, and use the various formatting tools to make it look good. Please note: if you're using an old-style approach to CVs, you're doing yourself a disservice. NO ID NUMBERS. NO AGE. Okay??? This is vital! An employer does NOT need to know how old you are.

  3. Give the post a proper title. Such as: The Online Resume of Joe Bloggs -- Updated 08 April 2006.

  4. Post the cv to your blog.

  5. Now, view the blog. At the bottom of the entry you'll see a little hash sign: #. If you right-click on that sign, a context menu should come up, depending on the browser you're using. Look down the menu until you see something that looks like, 'Copy Link Location'. Something like that. Click on that option. You will now have the permalink URL (address) of your CV on the computer's clipboard.

  6. Go to your blog dashboard, and click on 'edit settings'.

  7. Now go to 'template'. Click on it.

  8. Up pops a window with loads of inscrutable CSS and HTML in it. Ignore the confusion.

  9. WARNING: Do not skip what I'm about to tell you. I caused myself three hours of extra work last night cos I forgot this one vital step... Copy the text of your existing template into an MS Notepad document, and save it to your desktop, so that you have a backup copy of your template.

  10. Now you're ready to start tampering. Scroll down that code until you find the contents of the sidebar. (This is where the link 'edit me' was found before you edited that. It's where you popped links of your buddies' blogs in.)

  11. Just take a moment to study the format of that section. You're going to do something cunning right now.

  12. Find a nice position for your CV to go. I would put it directly beneath the profile section. Put the cursor in the right place, and PASTE the URL into that spot. You're a quarter of the way through now.

  13. Now, you need to make a section titled: 'My Resume', with an entry in it called, 'The Online Resume of Joe Bloggs'.

  14. Right... easy... take one of the existing sections, such as 'Links'. Copy the code, including the links. Now change the text within that. Where it says 'links', change that to 'My Resume'. Where the link url appears (the thing with href="http://etcetera" re-copy your pasted URL into its place (eg http://etcetera). Then change the link text (eg blahblah) to your desired link text.

  15. Remember that HTML works with opening and closing things, and they're all embedded. Whenever you see something in sharp brackets you've got to see an equivalent closing set And they're nested.


    See what I mean?

  16. Click 'preview'. A new window will open with your blog in it. This is a preview. It does NOT exist until you've saved and published your site. It's there for you to see if your change is right, or if something awful is wrong.

  17. If you're happy with what you see, go back to the template edit page that's still open, and click, 'save template'. Once it's done that, which will take some seconds, up comes an instruction at the top of that page that says, 'publish index only' and 'publish site'. Click on 'publish site'. That will take a bit of time. Once it's finished, you're done. Your blog has a section labelled 'My Resume' with a link in that section titled 'The Online Resume of Joe Bloggs', or whatever you've chosen to use.

  18. If some disaster has befallen your code, you've got to go through it with a fine tooth comb, ensuring that those tags are nested, and that every open tag has an equivalent closed one.

  19. And please, guys, help each other with this. HTML can be tricky for beginners. But you need to be a resource for each other. And you need to ask for help from your friends.

Good luck!

Roy Blumenthal blogs at Coffee-Shop Schmuck.

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