Sunday, April 02, 2006


Investment in Africa worthwhile

In my previous post on the World of Work Team blog, I wrote about the importance of South African business and their effects on the rest of Africa. The question that I raised was whether these companies are a force for good or bad. But you ask yourself, why should South Africa be the one to be a force for good in Africa? Let me briefly explain this:

There are many aspects why Africa has found itself in this predicament of poor sustainable development and slow growth. These reasons differ from country to country, but overall, Africa needs this help because of the following reasons:

Considering these impacts, it is obvious that South African businesses should get involved in the development of Africa. It will help liberalise their productive forces, SA business will put some profit into social investment, there will be a transfer of skills, improvement of quality, and most of all a increase in SA Foreign Direct Investment into Africa.

There are some areas where Africa has already shown improvement. These improvements are reason enough to not doubt the effect of business integration into Africa. These improvements are the following:

With the help of South African companies and the improvement Africa has shown in the past couple of years, its only a matter of time that Africa could become the ideal business-friendly environment. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Hi Celeste and thank you for your posts on African development. It was a brilliant idea to think of this passionate topic as starting point for the teamblog. These are the sort of information we have to share and let policy makers aware of. I am shocked to see what Africa gives to the world in terms of trade. However, I would like you to check figures about democratically elected governments in Africa. I doubt that we have reached the two third.
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